Smaller Gatherings at Weddings During Coronavirus

Smaller Gatherings at Weddings During Coronavirus

Smaller Gatherings at Weddings During Covid-19

There is an enormous impact on the wedding industry at the moment and the services associated (florists for example), as the spread of Coronavirus infection increases when large groups of people gather at social events and weddings not just in Dubai and the UAE but also around the world. Another factor is travel restrictions. The wedding season usually reaches it’s highest busiest point from October to April because the bride, groom and guests prefer cooler weather offered at these times. Newly weds-to-be have cancelled or suspended their wedding plans including their honeymoon. Health officials wait to test passengers who arrive at International airports. During the summer we would usually be immersed in flowers but this is not currently the case for any florist anywhere.

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Smaller Groups & Social Distancing at Weddings

A wedding means many people coming together to celebrate. Friends, family and colleagues normally locally, nationally or internationally. There is dancing, social mingling, hugs and kisses aplenty so weddings will continue to be under the spotlight for the time being. It’s a tough decision to cancel or move a wedding day and many have had to do so. Weddings with restrictions are now going ahead and there are those who are also choosing a virtual wedding where the bride, groom and guests gather online.

But for those prefering not to go dowen the online route, there are still guests who are still shielding who won’t be able to make it, and this is just one reason why weddings are being rescheduled.

What Does This All Mean for Flowers?

Well, we are in unprecedented and unpredictable times and florist retail stores are still affected by a lack of shoppers who remain cautious for now. Weddings involving a smaller number of guests are currently going ahead but decisions on who to bridal bouquet light coloured rosesinvite and who to exclude from the guest list won’t be very easy.

Couples can plan years in advance so it’s a very emotional time for them. Wedding flowers will be ordered and floral wishes will be granted.

You don’t necessarily have to choose fewer flowers just because it’s a smaller wedding.

Yes it’s important for you to stick to your budget if you have set one, but more flowers and for example a floral arch can dress the ceremony space and the original space to create a beautiful intimate setting and atmosphere for guests, bride and groom.



Here’s a Gift from Fleurs Damour to You!

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions operations and sales from our flower store in Dubai have been curtailed somewhat but we fleurs damour flowers dubai discountaren’t going to let our customers down. We continue to deliver flowers to you – once you have placed your order through our online shop, we will process your order.

We are delivering flowers as normal and we adhere to set guidelines and deliver while social distancing.

You can use this coupon code LAUNCHFD1 on all orders until 31st October 2020 to get 20% off your total order at Checkout!


Fewer Guests at Your Wedding Reception – Fewer Tables

Long banquet tables are very popular, and you can consider an eye catching vase with a floral arrangement as a table centre piece. Sensational floral designs can add a lot of creativity and beauty to wedding reception / event hall tables. On a cautionary note, emphasis is being put on precaution in public gatherings so more hand sanitisers are being installed at all wedding venues.

What About the Spontaneous Last Minute Couple?

There are couples who choose their flowers at the last moment or it is further down their list of priorities. If you require a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, wedding corsages or boutonnieres, Fleurs Damour can provide the perfect flowers for your wedding day. Some examples can be found in our online shop and we can also create a custom arrangement to your owncorsage liking. All of our flowers are carefully arranged with care. We can speak with you on the telephone if you prefer and we will always choose the most seasonal, colour matched, beautiful flowers available.

The Cost of a Wedding

Today the average cost of a wedding in Dubai ranges from Dh300,000 to Dh500,000and many couples are waiting to see what happens before they reschedule. Many who had plans to marry in Europe have chosen to have their weddings in the UAE.

Most postponed weddings seem to be from expat couples and Emirati weddings are still going ahead as planned because their guests didn’t have to fly in so they weren’t restricted in any way.

A Few Final Words from Us..

Despite all the uncertainty, one thing we can be certain of is that couples will always want to mark their love with a celebration amongst friends and family! Weddings are a tradition and so is the after party. The approach to weddings and flowers for weddings will change during the social distancing approach. Some will marry and have the after party next year because they will want all of their guests to appear in person. Times will change, celebrations will continue in different ways and one day everything will return to what could be a new normal.

Contact us to enquire about how we can supply flowers and set the scene for your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception. Fleurs Damour has a wealth of experience in providing beautiful flowers for special occasions.

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