How Do Flowers Get Their Colour

How Do Flowers Get Their Colour

How Do Flowers Get Their Colour

How do flowers get their colour? Flowers come in so many naturally beautiful colours but did you ever wonder why flowers have their own particular colours? Why are carnations one colour while daffodils and violets have other pigments. There’s an incredible science around how and why colour generation happens. We each have different coloured eyes and hair and most of us know why that is. So flowers are no different in that each flower has it’s own pigment that it grows with. There are pigments called flavanoids, carotenoids and anthocyanins. All flowers have their own unique identity.

  • Anthocyanins: red. blue, pink and purple pigments – these are in the chemical class called flavenoids. Flavenoids give plants their colour.
  • Carotenoids: this is another pigment (yellow, orange and red) found in carrots and tomatoes for example.

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Flowers and Plants Have Their Own Colours

Plants and flowers contain their own particular colours that we normally associated with. The colour is decided on by hereditary genetic makeup. All greenery that you see in plants and flowers comes from chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is probably the most well known pigment of them all.

Why are Flowers Coloured So Differently?

Well, plants are meant to reproduce and bees, insects and birds are there to help with that and they are highly attracted to brighter colours so they can fulfil this purpose. Certain plants and flowers will attract them. a cow amongst fields of flowers, flowers dubai

Plants and flowers which rely on air to pollinate and reproduce, are duller in colour and these are not designed to attract neither the birds or the bees. Brighter coloured flowers have sweeter tasting pollen and therefore more bees, birds and insects will visit these flowers types and often.

The sweet pollen will bind to the feet of the bird or bee, and pollen is taken from the flower Pollen can then be passed from flower to flower. when landed upon.

It’s highly important to mention that this remarkable chain of events would not be possible without anthocyanins (mentioned earlier).



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Flower Colour Can Be Modified

There are flowers with colours which aren’t natural to the species of flower. Did you ever see a multi-coloured flower? It’s possible to achieve pretty much any colour for a flower, through time, patience and expertise. 


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