How Do Flowers Get Their Colour
How Do Flowers Get Their Colour How do flowers get their colour? Flowers come in so many naturally beautiful colours but did you ever wonder why flowers have their own particular colours? Why are carnations one colour while daffodils and violets have other pigments. There’s an incredible science around how and why colour generation happens. […]
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Smaller Gatherings at Weddings During Coronavirus
Smaller Gatherings at Weddings During Covid-19 There is an enormous impact on the wedding industry at the moment and the services associated (florists for example), as the spread of Coronavirus infection increases when large groups of people gather at social events and weddings not just in Dubai and the UAE but also around the world. […]
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Welcome to the Fleurs Damour Blog
Welcome to Fleurs Damour We are pleased to announce that we have added a Blog to our new website. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and our online florist shop. Fleurs Damour is an established flower store in Dubai Festival City Mall, Dubai, UAE. Our experienced florists create beautiful flower arrangements […]
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